How to better understand the behavior of your Website visitors with Google Analytics?

The positioning of a website on the market necessarily requires the understanding of the target audience and the adaptation of the marketing strategy to their expectations. The improvement of the user experience requires the use of analytics to quantify and collect the information needed to understand the behavior of customers. Google Analytics is an SEO tool that allows you to observe and measure the returns of each operation carried out through the collection of statistical data associated with visitors.

Google Analytics: the solution to know your audience

Google Analytics is equipped with essential functionalities to obtain reliable information about the visitors of a website, and to optimize its natural referencing. Indeed, the diversity of data delivered by the website allows understanding the modes of requests used by the Internet users as well as their research motivation. Ergonomic with a relatively simple interface, this free tool can be used by any individual and company practicing an online activity as long as they create a Google account. On the one hand, the free version is accessible by all Internet users, and the paid version has additional services that can identify data with greater precision.

It should also be noted that some of the features of Google Analytics require specific skills and expertise in the web domain. For this reason, it takes some time to get used to it before being able to acquire the data related to a market and meet the initial objectives set.

The main metrics of Google Analytics

Indicators related to the visitor: the monitoring performed by Google Analytics uses different parameters to highlight trends after a significant accumulation of data. In addition, the information directly related to an Internet user (age, gender, nationality, geographical location, etc.) leads to an overview of the audience of interest and the most used keywords. In addition, the analysis performed identifies the entry or exit pages of a site.

Performance indicators: the study of the flow of behavior will also determine the path taken by a visitor from a landing page with the intention of evaluating the overall quality of the site. Thus, a domain receiving a large amount of traffic with a long session duration automatically demonstrates the effectiveness of the retention actions and the relevance of the proposed content.

Use the reports

The reports (audience, behavior, conversion, and acquisition) generated by Google Analytics provide condensed information summarizing the fundamental details to be considered in order to rectify and perfect a web marketing strategy. They also include additional data that can be segmented to increase the accuracy of observations. However, deleting the Google Account will also delete the reports.

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