Top 3 best tools for social selling

Social selling is generally used to increase the authority of an individual, a professional, or a company on a well-defined subject. Thanks to social media, it has become easy to optimize your sales funnel. To do social selling, it is essential to use the best tools.

Use LinkedIn sales navigator to do social selling

LinkedIn sales navigator is certainly one of the most powerful and most used tools by professionals to do social selling. If you need to get more information about a company or find the contact of a manager in a company, the LinkedIn sales navigator is absolutely a must-have tool. This tool offers many interesting features: a well-designed search engine that allows you to search for people according to their seniority, their position, their function, etc. LinkedIn sales navigator also allows you to search for user accounts by the size of the technical, sales, marketing, or other teams. Finally, it allows you to retain leads and reach them directly via invitations, emails, etc.

Use Mention to track your market

Mention refers to another popular and well-known tool for social selling. This tool allows companies to closely follow their market. With Mention, you can also perform competitive intelligence on social networks and on the web. Use this platform to collect all data about your competitors or your brand. In addition, Mention is a very convenient tool that works like an email box, making it very easy to process your citations. The platform offers you features like robust and extremely intuitive filters to save useful mentions relevant to social media or the Internet.

Opt for Dux-soup

Dux-soup is a very popular tool for social selling. This tool is very popular to automate interactions on social networks and especially on LinkedIn. Do not hesitate to use Dux-soup if you want to find new prospects and convert them into real customers. As a Google Chrome extension, Dux-soup can be easily installed on your device. Among the features offered, you can automatically visit your prospects' accounts on LinkedIn, manage potential customers so as to stay in touch with them, download profiles during marketing campaigns, etc.

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