What is Lead Nurturing?

The first thing to do to find new potential customers is to structure a targeted and relevant marketing and communication strategy, capable of attracting and intriguing users potentially who are interested in your products or services and trying to move them forward. It is important that the acquired contacts are qualified by opting for a Lead Nurturing.

Lead Generation, the beginning of Lead Nurturing

To understand what lead nurturing is and why you should integrate it into your digital marketing strategy, we need to start with the definition of lead generation. Lead Generation is the set of techniques and tools to generate and acquire leads. Its purpose is, on the one hand, to attract and convert, through targeted and personalized content, only those who are really interested and, on the other hand, to optimize time and resources.

What is lead nurturing?

Not all prospects are the same and they are not at the same stage of the buying decision process. Indeed, there are those who need more time to become familiar with your business and your products or services. There are those who are ready to make the actual purchase. For this reason, you need to segment them further and pamper them, trying to get more information about them. This leads to the definition of lead nurturing, which is the set of techniques and tools aimed at nurturing the relationship with potential customers, with the goal of establishing a stable and long-lasting relationship of trust, converting them, and accompanying them through the different phases of the buyer's journey.

The steps to get to know the potential customer

The first stage of understanding is the simple visitor, any user who has visited your website or has come into contact with your offers at least once, without interacting. Then move on to the more advanced users who have shown a real interest in you by sharing your social post or blog article. The third stage includes users who, intrigued by your product or service, want to learn more about it to the point of providing you with some personal data. This is the moment when you need to activate your Lead Nurturing strategy, so as not to miss the opportunity to convert really interested people who have trusted you. This leads to the fourth step where the acquired, qualified and cultivated contact is ready to make a purchase. Obviously, the relationship with him, once he has become a customer, does not stop there, but must be constantly nurtured to keep him loyal in the long run.

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